What makes Kantu unique?

Kantu can automate any website by taking screenshots. It allows you to visually automate your tasks, and makes web automation fun again. It lets you create solutions for web automation, web scraping or web testing in mere minutes. It's like the ultimate robot stand-in for all of your web browser automation needs! Whatever you used to do manually, Kantu can do automatically -- tasks like filling out forms, clicking on links, performing inquiries; you name it, Kantu can do it. Multiple page forms? Not a problem for Kantu: Read more about Kantu Web Automation.

Kantu Browser Other software
Examples Kantu Selenium, iMacros, Watir, Ranorex,...
Typical commands Kantu Script Snippet Click "Xpath=*[id='contentText'] /table/ tbody/tr[2] /td/table/ tbody/tr/ td[1]/table/tbody /tr[9]/td/table /tbody/tr/td[1]/strong[2]"

Click xpath="//div[h3/text()='Credit Card']/descendant::input[id='cardNumber']"

Click "css=ul#recordlist li:nth-of-type(12)"
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What's new?

Kantu Updates

  • 2017/01/25 - Kantu V1.3 available
  • 2016/12/19 - Kantu V1.2 available
  • 2016/12/12 - Kantu V1.1 available
  • 2016/11/30 - First public release

Kantu in Key Points

  • First 100% Picture-Driven Web Automation
  • No xpath and css selector mess
  • Visual Recorder
  • Automate File Downloads/Uploads
  • Free for non-profit use (beta: free for all)

Kantu Resources

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